For our bearing assemblies and linear systems, we use high-quality lubricants as standard that are suitable for most applications. Special operating conditions require special lubricants. Standard and special greases are available in the respective container sizes from us as accessories. They can be used when our bearing elements are used for the first time or for relubricating slewing rings.




ApplicationBrandNameUsagelot sizeOrder no.
Universally usable Shell Gadus S3 V220C ex works in all standard bearing assemblies types LVA, LVB, LVC, LVD, LVE, LVG 400g 45176
Highly dynamic Klüber Isoflex Topas NCA52 for high revolutions or traverse speed 1 kg 10004
High temperature Klüber Barrierta L55/2 for temperature ranges up to max. +260°C 180g 06439
Suitable for food Klüber Klübersynt UH164-13 without parafin, suitable for food industries, food packaging or pharmaceutics 400g 47612
Suitable for clean rooms or vacuum Klüber Klüberalfa YVI93-152 Special lubricant with high chem. stability for usage in extreme atmospheric environments 1 kg / 50g 48055