Bearing Elements

Cross roller bearing/ground raceways


Bearing type

  • 4 race rings with ground raceways
  • Plastic cage with rollers


  • Maximum possible integration capacity
  • High stiffness
  • Greatest possible flexibility of preload, runability and diameter ranges

Diameter range

  • infinitely variable from 400 to 1200 mm

In Detail

Bearing type

Franke bearing elements of the type LEW are suitable for medium rotary speeds and accuracies. They impress with their smooth running, high stiffness and compact installation space. The crosswise arranged rollers absorb the same high loads from all directions. Bearing elements type LEW are robust and insensitive to shocks and vibrations.


Bearing elements type LEW consist of two inner and two outer races and a plastic cage with rollers. The race rings are split in one place to compensate for temperature expansion factors. They have balancing properties in demanding types of stress. LEW are usually installed without backlash. Depending on the requirements, the preload can be adjusted individually. For tuning methods see "Technical Information".

Mating structure

The built-in bearing element determines the load capacity of the overall construction. The enclosing construction can therefore consist of alternative materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic. Planarity and concentricity (see diagram below) are largely defined by the enclosing parts. Increased manufacturing accuracy can further improve these values.

Constructive example

Technical Details

Material Race rings: 67SiCr5, rollers: 100Cr6, cage: PA12
Temperature in use –30 °C bis +80 °C, briefly up to +100 °C
Circumferrential speed max. 4 m/s
Lubrication Shell Gadus S3 V220
Lubrication schedule see "Technical information"
Tolerances see "Technical Information"