Rotary Tables


Product type

  • Ready to install, perfectly suited for high precision movement


  • Rotary table for high precision movement and measuring
  • Complete with motor and CNC-control unit (optional)

Diameter range

  • graded from 125 - 400 mm

In detail


Franke rotary tables of type LTB are open-center, ready-to- use positioning units. They are highly resilient, lightweight (aluminium housing) and deliver outstanding ATR accuracy and discrimination. Franke rotary tables of type LTB are versatile in use and are primarily suited to movement and positioning tasks in the fields of measurement, testing and orientation.



Housing Aluminum corrugated
Ball race rings 54SiCr6
Rolling elements 100Cr6
Worm wheel wear-resistant bronze alloy
worm shaft CK45N hardened and ground


Radial and axial runout accurancy 20 μm 20 μm 20 μm 30 μm
Positioning accuracy in arc seconds 80 sec 80 sec 70 sec 50 sec
Repeatability in arc seconds 16 sec 14 sec 10 sec 8 sec

Technical details


Reduction ratio 360:1
Temperature in use –10 °C to +80 °C
Rotational speed max. 7 min -1
Mounting position any
Lubrication with bearing grease via grease nipples
Optional inductive proximity switch, flnage/coupling to mount the motor, motorization