Slim Bearings


Bearing type

  • 4 race rings with ground raceways
  • Plastic cage with retained balls
  • Inner and outer bearing sleeve made of metal


  • Simple, compact integration
  • Cost-effective alternative to standard slim bearings
  • Not preloaded bearings

Product range

  • from 4,75" to 25"

In detail

Bearing Type

Franke slim bearings of type LSB consist of a bearing element type LEL with a ground raceway, embedded in two bearing sleeves made of metal. The sleeve holds the bearing together and hence permits rapid and simple assembly.


Slim bearings type LSB consist of two inner and outer race rings with ground raceway, one plastic cage with retained balls and a surrounding metal sleeve. The sleeves and the race rings are separated; their diameter can therefore be altered elastically for mounting. Unlike standard slim bearings, Franke slim bearings type LSB can be modified in terms of clearance/preload.

Mating structure

The greatest levels of accuracy are achieved if the constructive design of the mating parts takes place in such a way that the handling of all diameters and surfaces relating to each other can take place within in one setting. The running accuracies indicated in the diagram are average values and may be improved by restricting the tolerances (see 'Technical information').

Constructive example

Technical details


Material Race rings: 54SiCr6, rolling elements: 100Cr6, cage: PA12
Temperature in use –30 °C to +80 °C, briefly up to +100 °C
Circumferential speed max. 5 m/s, without seals max. 10 m/s
Lubricant grease Klüber Isoflex Topas NCA52
Lubricant schedule see Technical Information
Toleranzangaben see Technical Information