Franke Wire Race Bearings with Carbon housing

The challenge: the ultra-lightweight carbon bearing

If you really want lightweight design carbon fiber reinforced plastic laminate (CFRP) - called in everyday language Carbon – will be your first choice. Especially in the automotive and aircraft industries carbon is used when the bicycle frame should be light yet stiff, or a sports car must achieve a better weight/horsepower ratio. The part sizes range from individual components to whole bodies. Reasons for the popularity of CFRP are the low specific weight, which is only about 50% of aluminum, and the tremendous variety of processing options of carbon fibers into complex materials of the highest hardness and rigidity. Components made of carbon fiber can be clamped, edited, drilled, milled, ground like metal. Depending on the location and orientation of the carbon fibers during lamination load peaks can be absorbed. Thus, the material can already be prepared in the production of its structure for the future application.


The carbon bearing assembly with diameter of 300mm has a weight of 1.800g.