Linear Systems: highly dynamic, fast, quiet

Accuracy along the entire line

Our Linear Systems are the best solution when it comes to speed and lightweight construction. They owe their outstanding functionality to the tried and true 4-point contact. Their modular construction allows us to individually modify the Linear Systems to deliver precisely what you need.

Functional principle

A patented innovation – in new shape

Our Linear Systems are based on the tried and true principle of 4-point contact. The patented system of Guided Rollers® moves the rollers and raceways ideally. Wire raceways made of steel or non-corrosive inserted in the aluminium body of the guide rails ensure a high resilience and load capacity. Franke Linear Systems are used wherever there is a need for high dynamism combined with lightweight design.

Low weight – high load capacity

Integrated raceways made of steel or non-corrosive steel take high loads from all directions. Franke aluminum linear systems are perfectly suited for applications where highly dynamic movements and light weight design are requested.

Modular structure for individual requirements

The design principle of our Linear Systems makes them highly dynamic, quiet and maintenance-free. Franke Linear Systems can be modified individually to suit customer needs, thanks to their modular structure. You will always receive a solution that is ideally tailored to match your specific applications due to the use of various rail profiles and roller shoes, special cassettes, variable track widths or an integrated direct drive.


Aluminium – lightweight

The guide rails and cassette bodies are made of aluminium. As a user, this will provide you with several advantages:

  • Lightweight designs
  • Homogeneous material properties in assemblies with aluminium profiles
  • Low moved masses
  • Low drive energy required
  • High dynamism and speed

The Franke principle – inserted steel wires as raceways

Wire raceways made of steel or non-corrosive inserted in the aluminium body ensure high resilience and load capacity. The wire raceway is aligned with the width of the rollers and keeps them precisely on track.

4-point system to accommodate forces from all directions

The large-scale rollers rotate in needle or ball bearings and are arranged crosswise. They accommodate load from all directions and are convincing in their rapid response behavior.

Maintenance-free over the entire service life

The rollers are lifetime lubricated. The bearings used are sealed to prevent lubricant grease from escaping. The guide system operates cleanly and maintenance-free over the entire service life.

Variable guide widths

The cassette plate is not needed in the version with pair of single rails and roller shoes. This means that the guide width is infinitely variable; the roller shoes are screwed directly to the connecting design.


  • Variable guide width
  • Extremely low height
  • Direct integration in your design

Customer-specific rail profile

The Franke principle of inserted raceways can be transferred to almost any aluminium profile. This enables you to structure your design individually.


  • Variable guide width
  • Variable height
  • Integration of other components such as drives or measurement systems

Customer-specific materials and surfaces

We offer linear guides with non-corrosive or non-magnetic race rods and individually refined surfaces for special requirements.


  • Non-corrosive raceways (corrosion protection)
  • Non-magnetic raceways
  • Clean room-compatible guides
  • Anodized in different colors

Customer-specific cassettes and roller shoes

The form of cassettes and roller shoes can be integrated in your application. For instance, mounts for drive spindles can be integrated.

Customer specifications:

  • Special dimensions
  • Variable number of rollers
  • Variable adjustment of the rollers

Motorized modules

Franke Linear Systems are available fitted with drive and control and are convincing in their:

  • High dynamism
  • High travel speed
  • Small mounting space
  • Lightweight construction (aluminium body)

Application examples

Camera sliders


Numerous so-called slider systems are available on the market to move video cameras. The system by the firm SlideShot from Great Britain is a recent addition, which uses Franke linear guides. These systems have the following requirements: smooth and quiet operation, homogeneous movement and low weight.


Franke Linear Systems in a special design with accessories for photographers.
Available from


Lightweight aluminium design for low carrying weight, large-scale rollers for smooth and quiet running and a broad range of accessories to adapt in a variety of shooting situations.

YouTube video

Slideshot on Facebook

Water jet cutter


Cutting with a water jet calls for exact and rapid movements of the cutting head above the work piece to create even and smooth edges and to travel along even more complex geometries.


Franke linear motor module FTH Drive with integrated direct drive.


Lightweight aluminium design for low weight and dynamic movement. The linear motor is integrated in the rail profile. This makes the module extremely flat and ensures it requires very little mounting space. The aluminium body and the non-corrosive running bars make the system insensitive to moisture.

Food packaging


The packaging machine works at high speeds. The linear guides used here must be resistant to aggressive media (e.g. salt, sugar, spray water). The machine has stroke lengths of 1500mm to 2100mm. The average mileage of the packaging machine is 30,000km per year.


The aluminium roller guides in series FDA20.


The aluminium roller guides FDA enable speeds of up to 10m/s. The stroke lengths are infinitely variable. Central lubrication on the cassette achieves a high service life and substantial mileage. Grease nipples fitted to the front allow for convenient lubricant replenishment while the guides are fitted.

Cheese production


A linear guide is to be used to hold a cheese wheel in place for the subsequent cutting process. The guides must satisfy the hygienic requirements for use in the food industry. There must be no leakage of lubricant. The system has relatively weak motorization.


The aluminium roller guides in the system FDA25 with tracks from the series FDC25.


The Franke aluminium roller guide operates cleanly and maintenance-free thanks to the food industry-compatible non-corrosive design. It comes with food industry lubrication. The guide can be set to the desired low slide resistance using a grub screw fitted to the side of the cassette. This is used to reduce the drive power applied to the guide.

Mattress production


Bonding points to bond the mattresses are positioned in the center of the gantry. The guides are used to travel to the gantry along the x and y axes. The assembly surfaces of the guides are not processed in order to save costs.


The aluminium roller guide FDA25 in a length of 2000mm.


The guide unit, motorized by a toothed belt, travels at a speed of 50m/min. The guide is fitted directly to the unprocessed aluminium substructure. This involves mounting aluminium on aluminium, which means there is no bi-metal effect in the event of temperature fluctuations. This cost efficient solution makes the system competitive. Customers achieve maximum drive performance using the aluminium roller guide. The system preload is infinitely variable to suit the requirements.

Packaging machine


Machine units in a packaging machine need to travel quickly and safely. High clock rates necessitate dynamic movement patterns. Two units are moved on one module.


Franke linear motor module with two motors.



Franke linear motor modules come with linear motors fitted to the guide rails. This engineering reduces the mounting space and enables compact designs. The module bodies are made of aluminium and harmonize perfectly with the aluminium profiles used to assemble the machine. Two motors, controlled separately, ensure highly dynamic movement.

Dental X-ray device


The linear guide is used in the secondary panel of the dental X-ray device. The purpose of the panel is to enable exact X-ray imaging. Here it is important that the unit travels without any oscillation whatsoever. The linear guide must run easily and smoothly.


The Franke roller guide FDL12 is integrated directly in the customized carriage mount. A lateral grub screw is used to set the slide resistance and hence the stiffness of the entire system. This guarantees movement without any oscillation whatsoever.


The guide FDZ12 runs evenly, quietly and cleanly. The elevated preload (0.6 to 0.8N) ensures that the secondary panel travels free from oscillation. The guide comes with lifetime lubrication. The sealed, single-row ball bearings mean that no lubricant can leak to the outside.