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Frequently asked questions

Franke linear guides are set free of play at the factory.

If the given load situation requires it, the game setting can be adjusted later using an integrated grub screw.

The slide resistance can be set and readjusted individually using a threaded pin attached to the side.

Process speeds of up to 10m/s and accelerations of up to 40m/s² can be achieved with Franke linear guides.

 Size 12-20    Size 25-45
Max. Tolerance for parallelism0,03/m0,05/m
Max. Flatness for screw-on surface   0,05/m0,10/m

The question is answered in this video.

The sliding resistance depends on how long the linear guide runs in certain sections. The associated travel speeds are also important here.

For a precise determination of the sliding resistance, please contact our technical advisors.

This can be done by reworking the cassette on the underside. For more detailed information, please contact our technical advisors.

The following parameters are required for the correct design of the linear guide:

  • Choice of arrangement
  • All attacking or arising forces/moments (dynamic/static)
  • Type of load (dormant, swelling, changing)
  • Environmental influences (e.g. temperature, humidity) or special operating conditions (e.g. clean room, vacuum)
  • Travel speed and acceleration
  • Stroke length
  • Target lifespan in km

All forces and moments that occur must be within the permissible limits. The relevant data can be found on the respective product page on our website.

The dimensions and the drilling pattern are mostly similar or even identical. The basic load ratings can, however, differ.

Please send us the name of the manufacturer as well as the description and drawing of the corresponding slide for a compatibility check. The dimensions of the sled are then compared with our cassettes.

We would be happy to prepare a service life calculation for you.