Application example

Circular knitting machine


The main bearing in the knitting machine plays a decisive role in the quality of the knitted fabric. Despite high mechanical and thermal loads, the highest demands are placed on both the accuracy and the running performance of the bearing. The required speeds are up to 60 rpm.


A ground bearing element of the LEL series with a ball pitch diameter of 400 to 1,500 mm made of chrome silicon ensures smooth, quiet running in the smallest installation space. High accuracy of the bearing in axial and radial run-out (< 0.03 mm) as well as the high surface quality of the raceways ensure a consistently high quality of the machine.

Bearing solution used

Bearing element LEL (customized)


LEL with wire diameter of 4 mm, ball diameter of 3/8'', 8, 10 or 12 mm The support angle is 45°, in special cases 53° due to the predominant axial load. Standard speeds are 30 rpm, for small KK diameters up to 60 rpm. The axial load by the machine cylinder is around 4,000 N, depending on the machine type.