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Rigoletto's right hand is 8 m high and weighs 8.5 tonnes. It can be moved hydraulically in 8 joints. Two Franke Bearing Assemblies , each with a diameter of 600 mm, are used to pivot the hand as a whole. The requirements for the Franke bearing assembly were a centre clearance for cable bushings, sealing on both sides against rain and seawater, a radial load and a short delivery time. 


2x Franke Bearing Assemblies LVA-600.

Bearing solution used

Bearing assembly type LVA-600 


Due to the large centre clearance of the Franke bearing assemblies, the cables can be fed through downwards. A labyrinth seal and a lip seal protect the raceways from rain and seawater. The robust design reliably ensures that the hand performs the desired swivel movement.

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