Bearing Assemblies


Bearing type

  • Bearing assembly in aluminum design


  • Ready to install, wide selection range
  • Preloaded free from clearance
  • Selected diamters available ex works

Diameter range

  • from 100 - 1800 mm

In detail

Bearing type

LVB is a bearing assembly with housing rings made of aluminium and integrated bearing element. Franke bearing assemblies in type LVB are designed for medium rotational speeds and accuracies. They are available on short notice, in some cases even from the warehouse (see table).


Franke bearing assemblies type LVB are ready-to-use, complete bearings with integrated Wire Race Bearings. Designed as 4-point bearings, they absorb equal load from all sides and are insensitive to impact and vibration. The bearing assemblies are sealed on both sides and set free from clearance and are preloaded. On request you can receive the bearing assemblies ex works with your specified preload values.

Technical details


Material Inner / outer ring: AIZnMgCu05, ball race rings: 54SiCr6, rolling elements: 100Cr6, cage: PA12, seal: NBR
Temperature of use –20 °C bis +80 °C, kurzfristig bis +100 °C
Umfangsgeschw. max. 5 m/s, without seals max. 10 m/s
Screw connection see Technical information
Lubricant grease Shell Gadus S3 V220C2
Relubrication using grease nipples according to DIN 3405
Lubrication schedule see technical information

Technical information / calculation

Please find additional information on bearing selection, calculation, mounting and setting in 'Technical information'. Our technical consultants are pleased to assist you in identifying the correct bearing assembly for your application.

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