Franke wire race bearings and aluminum linear systems. On the safe side.

Regular audits guarantee our performance regarding quality and environment protection.

Quality and environmental protection

Objective of the company: Environmental protection

Here at Franke, protecting nature and the careful use of resources are integral elements of our corporate policies. We are committed to our own self-imposed environmental targets and continuously improve our performance in protecting the environment. We commit ourselves to protecting the environment, fulfilling our binding obligations (customer requirements, laws ...) as well as steadily improving our environmental management system and our environmental performance. The environmental policy refers to the complete location of the Franke GmbH in Aalen.

In this we focus on measure to minimize and prevent burdens on the environment. We cooperate with our customers in the use of our products to create systems that preserve the world we live in and that make efficient use of energy. Our lightweight components are excellently suited to reducing weight and drive power.

Outstanding performance through innovation

We see ourselves as providers of premium-quality products that are based on our own market research, our own development and our own patents. At the same time we engage with our customers in partnerships to identify together the best possible solutions.

We feel responsible towards our customers, not just in terms of our products. Instead we accompany them from development and design, through to commissioning and maintenance.

Certificated to latest standards

Our entire quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 2015. Sustainability is the connecting link in our entire value added chain. Our environmental management system satisfies the requirements defined in DIN ISO 14001 2015. The environmental policy refers to the complete location of the Franke GmbH in Aalen. The scope of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 is valid for the entire company.

Documented processes in production and administration, external and internal audits also, guarantee a constantly high level of manufacturing quality. Our laboratory is equipped to conduct all necessary tests on resilience and service life. Samples and 100% inspections verify our efforts to deliver unbeatable product quality.