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Application example Dental X-ray unit


The linear guide is used for the secondary diaphragm of the dental X-ray unit. The diaphragm is responsible for ensuring that accurate radiographs can be taken. An absolutely vibration-free movement of the unit is important here. The linear guide must run smoothly and evenly.


The Franke roller guide FDL12 is integrated directly into the customer-specific slide attachment. The sliding resistance and thus the rigidity of the complete system can be adjusted by means of a lateral set screw. This guarantees a vibration-free procedure. 

Solution used

Linear guides type FDA (customized)


The guide FDZ12 has a smooth, quiet and clean run. The increased preload (0.6 to 0.8 N) ensures that the secondary orifice plate can be moved without vibration. The guide has lifetime lubrication. Sealed single-row ball bearings prevent lubricant from escaping to the outside.

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