Diameter range

Bearing Elements

  • Maximum possible integration capacity
  • Series application to meet cost constraints
  • Greatest possible flexibility based on preload, runnability and diameter ranges
  • Infinitely variable from 70 to 2000 mm

Slim Bearings

  • Simple, compact integration, infinitely variable diameter range (LSA)
  • Cost-effective alternative to standard slim bearings
  • Not preloaded bearings
  • LSA from 4" to 30“ 
  • LSC from 4" to 30“
  • infinitely variable with serial reques

Bearing Assemblies

  • Ready to install in a large selection range
  • Preloaded free from clearance
  • Optimized for rigidity, speed and service life
  • Available on short notice
  • LVC type for high speeds
  • Infinitely variable from 100 to 1800 mm
  • Selected diameters available ex works

Rotary Tables

  • Rotary tables for fast-rotating or highly-precise handling and measurement tasks
  • Bearing assemblies with drive systems
  • All systems complete with motor and control units
  • Rotary tables LTA and LTB graded from 100 to 400 mm

Technical Information

  • Selection of suitable bearings
  • Calculation of safety
  • Data on processing the bearing bed for bearing elements and slim bearings
  • Instructions on assembly and fastening